It is a big challenge for the hospitals and the healthcare facilities to keep the instruments sterilized for a defined period of time. Most of the time it goes wrong during the transport within the hospitals, from one department to the other. Shelf life of sterilized packages has always been a topic of discussions within the CSSD’s.

How long can we keep our packages sterilized? It is a tricky question. It depends on:

  • The storage where they keep the packages (CFU: colony for unit)
  • The material of the packaging which is used for the instruments
  • Have they been touched by people

This means that the shelf life of the sterilized packages are very complicated to be measured. By the well-designed Sterdoc Containers, the hospitals can achieve the optimum sterilization shelf life, and prevent any failures of an operation.

Sterdoc Containers are designed for the hospital staff-members, who seek a high performance with a nice appearance all together, that you wish you have had one at your home!

  • Various sizes based on needs
  • Designed with various indicator holders in different places
  • Very light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to change the filters
  • Scratch free
  • The used material of the Container prevents the color change even after hundred sterilization cycles