Excellent sterilization reels will become a waste when it is sealed by a low quality sealing machine. Good capital devices prevent additional costs for the hospitals, such as continuous maintenance’s and failed results of sealing.

Sterdoc Steri-Seal sealing machine is a brilliant choice for each hospitals and healthcare facility, who’s seeking a premium sealing quality. One of the advantages of our machine is that it is very quiet, specially if it is placed in a noiseless area. Steri-Seal is very staff-friendly machine with almost maintenance-free feature and easy to work.

Unlike many other sealers, the Steri-Seal is very light and flexible to move around in the CSSD-department. Also the cover color is coated, which gives the advantage to be disinfected.

  • Article number: STSL-102
  • Noise free
  • Low utility consumption
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Easy to use
  • Supplied with or without the printer
  • Built-in computer for records output
  • Light weight
  • High-end mechanical design
  • Disinfection friendly