Sterdoc Steri-Wash STWC-101 indicator designed to check washing device capability of removing soils and residues on instruments.

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, there is a gap of time between using the instruments and re-processing. Usually after the operations, the instruments still contain residual parts of the operation, such as blood and tissue of the patient. The dried residue is very hard to remove. By using the washing machine, it’s necessary to verify the washing quality by simulating the hard soils.

Steri-Wash indicator has a strong simulated soil and used by a stainless steel holder STWC-102, and put in a challenging place of the machine in order to confirm visually if the washing device is working properly.

  • Article number: STWC-101
  • Easy to use
  • Significantly soil visual detection in a proper washing cycle
  • Supplied by durable metal holder
  • Disposable single-use indicator
  • Cost-effective
  • Lot number and expiration date for each indicator