Multi-Function CSSD Incubator STBI-105

Sterilization is killing any types of microorganisms. Generally speaking, the chemical indicators simulate sterilizers condition to prove or deny the sterilization process. These techniques are based on the chemical science and the materials behavior, but it’s not like killing an alive microorganism.

In the CSSD it is necessary to use Biological Indicators for certain purposes, such as routine control, calibrating sterilizer, implant surgeries and etc.

All Biological Indicator types have a specific spore (Spores are status of  alive bacteria in resistant and strong state) inside the plastic vial, called SCBI (Self Contained Biological Indicator).  After sterilization process the Biological Indicators must be cultured to make sure that the sterilizer has killed all the spores.

For all type of sterilization methods there are some specific spores:

*. This information is for the standard Biological Indicators, but the fast or super-fast Indicators have a different data.

Sterdoc Multi-Function CSSD Incubator is designed for a reliable incubation. Pre-configured buttons are user-friendly and simple. Thanks to its large display, the operator can control time and temperature. Sterdoc Incubator has a fourth free option button (D), which gives the operator the opportunity to customize this for any other/future applications.


The Incubator has a removable solid blocks and is easy to take off for the operators in order to clean or wash them, without damaging the electric part of the device.

Turn on the device, config, incubate and enjoy!   ҉

  • Article number: STBI-105
  • Pre-configured buttons
  • Low utility consumption
  • Wash-able block
  • Easy to use
  • Available with external thermometer

GTIN: 08719325863222