What do the Chemical Indicator classifications mean to the end user?

Chemical Indicator classifications enable the end user to understand performance parameters and tolerances of various Chemical Indicators. The appropriate Chemical Indicator can then be used to obtain the information needed to determine the effectiveness of the sterilization process

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Chemical Indicators

Type 1:
Process Indicators

Indicator tapes, indicator labels, and load cards are examples of externally visible Chemical Indicators that are Process Indicators used for exposure control … 

Type 2:
Indicators for use in
specific tests

Bowie-Dick type used in dynamic-air-removal sterilizers to test the ability of the sterilizer to adequately remove air and to achieve an adequate vacuum …

Type 4:
Multi-variable indicators

Multi-variable Chemical Indicators are used for pack control. These internal Chemical Indicators are usually paper strips printed with a Chemical Indicator and …

Type 5:
Integrating Indicators

Integrating Indicators are the most accurate of the internal Chemical Indicators. Designed to react to all critical parameters over a specified range of … 

Type 6:
Emulating Indicators

Emulating Indicators can be used as internal Chemical Indicators for pack control. Emulating Indicators are specified for specific sterilization cycles which means …