3-Line Label Reel

Sterdoc three line label is designed for documentation of each CSSD package. After sterilization, thanks to the two adhesive layers, the operator is able to use sterilized package in the operating room and restore the package and patient data.

Labels are served by a durable Three Line Labeling Machine which made by Avery Dennison.

Temperature resistant and lead free Labels are served by a durable three line labeling machine, which is produced by Avery Dennison. Once a proper sterilization cycle has been completed, the operator is then able to determine a significant color change in the package label.

We supply three line labels for STEAM – ETO – FORM and Gas Plasma VH2O2

  • Article number: STLB-101 Eto, STLB-102 Steam, STLB-103 H2O2, STLB-104 FORM
  • Each roll consist of 750 labels
  • ISO 11140 -1 Type 1 Compliant
  • Does not require hazardous waste disposal
  • Significant color change
  • Manufactured without any lead or other heavy metals
  • It comes with a user-friendly label gun machine (optional)
  • Two layers Back Adhesive indicator label can be kept for a permanent record
  • Cost-effective


  • STLB-101 : 8719992310470
  • STLB-102 : 8719992310487
  • STLB-103 : 8719992310494
  • STLB-104 : 8719992310500