3-Line Labeling Machine

Sterilization process needs to be documented for many reasons. Most convenient type of documentation is the Three Line Labels. These labels make it possible to record any kind of data for packages without any complicated system or computers.

Two Layer Adhesive Label is a wise method for recording data during and after the process. The labels are even possible to be documented on the surgery documents during an operation.

Sterdoc supplies labels  for Steam, Eto  and H2O2 Gas Plasma sterilization methods. Strong adhesive layer with a premium quality indicator, makes the documentation process easy.

The Three Line Label Gun is very reliable, easy to use and durable device for labeling process. It will serve for years of intensive usage.

  • Article number: STLGUN
  • Easy to use
  • Significant color change on labels
  • Supplied by durable Three Line Label gun
  • Disposable single-use indicator
  • Cost-effective
  • Lot number and expiration date for each label roll
  • Supplied for Steam, Eto and H2O2 Gas Plasma