Tray Liner

Water is important element of sterilization. Specially in Steam and Eto methods, remained water drops are very challenging.

Any water residue is one risk factor to break sterilization quality.

Sterdoc Tray Liners are designed to absorb any liquid drops remains inside of the pack to make sure there is not wet to create contamination passage to outside of the package. Moreover, in Eto method, water drops prevent direct contact of gas and the part of instrument were not contacted by Eto gas is not considered as sterilized.


  • High level of water absorption
  • Combination of Viscose and Cotton
  • Available in different sizes upon hospitals needs
  • Up to 700% Absorbent Rate
  • Manufactured with very low lint
  • Disposable single-use liner
  • Cost-effective
  • Lot number and expiration date for each box