Combi-Checks 121/134 Integrator A

Sterdoc Combi-Checks Steam Multicritical Process Variable Indicator (Back Adhesive) is designed for use in steam sterilizers operating at 121°C and 134°C. When used as directed, the Combi-Checks strips give visual confirmation that sterilization conditions were met at the location in the sterilizer chamber according to ISO 11140.

  • Article number: STCI-108
  • Significant color change from Yellow to Black
  • Manufactured without any lead or other heavy metals
  • Disposable single-use strip
  • Indicator strip can be saved by its back adhesive capability for a permanent record
  • Cost-effective
  • Conforms to EN ISO 11140
  • Lot number and expiration date for each strip
  • Supplied in a strong zip-locked Aluminum bag for premium protecting

GTIN: 8719992310616