SMMSs Non-woven Wrapping

The Packaging of the instruments is one of the most important steps of the sterilization cycle.

These materials must keep the instruments sterilized for a determined period of time. Also the packaging material should be capable to penetrate the sterilization agent (eg. Steam, ETO, Gas, etc.) inside of the pack to sterilize the instruments significantly.

Sterdoc SMMSs (Spunbond | Meltblown | Meltblown | Spunbond | spunbond) wrapping paper consists of four/five non woven polypropylene fabric layers and can be used either as an inner or outer wrapping of medical devices and trays.

The spunbond layers (S) provides a good filtration properties, tensile strength and is also fluid repellent while the meltbown layers (M) ensure strong bacterial barrier properties with very small porous size.

We can supply SMMSs wrapping papers in various colors and grammages. Our recommendation is 55 grams Ocean Blue wraps for optimum sterilization results. This type of product has a strong sterilization capability with reasonable cost. Also the Ocean Blue color is very convenient color for operating-rooms to prevent any light reflections during the surgery.

The sterilization methods are compatible with SMMSs:





  • Article number: STSMMS-300/1200
  • Significant sterile barrier with strong Melt-Blown layers
  • Manufactured without any lint
  • Disposable single-use wrap
  • Memory free (remains open during operation)
  • Cost-effective
  • Conforms to EN ISO 11607
  • Lot number and expiration date for each box